Corporate Gifts by Brownie Points Inc.

It’s Time to Start Earning Some Brownie Points! We can help you appreciate those who make your business a success in the sweetest of ways. Business is Better with Brownie Points and we  know just how to “SWEETEN” the deal! 


Brownie Points specializes in ultimate gourmet varieties that have been infused with luxe gourmet ingredients. Brownie Points has elevated gifting to a whole new level by creating beautifully branded gourmet gifts. We will help you surprise and delight your valued  recipients with a gift they will not soon forget! We will keep you top of mind while earning endless Brownie Points! A small token of appreciation can yield tremendous results and help you stand out from the crowd.


Our gourmet treats and gifts can be customized with a custom logo label, custom logo ribbon or custom logo packaging designed to meet your needs. We offer an extraordinary variety of gourmet brownies, specialty chocolate covered popcorn and chocolate confections. We even create varieties inspired by your brand. Your company logo + our award winning treats will earn you endless “Brownie Points”! 


We can create a completely custom gift program for you or you can choose from the many options we have available based on the minimum requirements. We will also include your business cards or any special marketing collateral you provide to us with each gift.   We will do everything possible to insure your order process is as easy and effortless as possible.


Corporate Custom Gifts 2

Custom Logo on Ribbon

We offer beautiful custom logo ribbon. We can create a mockup for you to see if you are able to send the art to us in a jpeg in black and white. This is a one color background and a one color imprint. Once your order is filled any ribbon remaining is yours. We can send you what is left or keep in our inventory for future orders you may have throughout the year for special occasions, thank you’ gifts or

Custom Boxes

We do offer custom boxes. The minimum order is 500 boxes. Pricing will vary according to size. There is a one color hot stamp. If you are not going to use all throughout the holiday, you can opt to pay for them upfront and use them throughout the year.   

Custom Labels

We offer custom logo labels to be used inside your gift box to adhere the velum paper your gourmet products are nestled in. The label can also be place on the outside of your gift box.

Holiday Discount Program

Brownie Points go further with our early order discounts!

Our incentive program is great for our corporate holiday shoppers. Just place your order early and receive discounts based on your order total.  Follow our tier structure to see how the earlier you place your order the more you can save. 

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