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Hop To It


It's a yummy funny bunny! This gift includes 8 of our baked from scratch Brownies in an assortment of inventive flavors, 4 Brownie Bruffles, 1 bag of Brownie Bites, 3 half-dipped homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies, 3 Brownie Besities and 1 Chocolate Bunny BrowniEmoji. 20 Piece Count


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  • Hop To It Includes The Following Individually Wrapped Items:
    8 Baby Brownies 
    1 BrowniEmoji Chocolate Peep
    4 Brownie Bruffles (Spring)
    3 Brownie Besties
    1 Bag of Brownie Bites 
    3 Half Dipped Cookies