Online Multiple addresses gifts

Save Time and Save Your Addresses!

Constantly sending gifts to the same people? Then our address book feature will save time during checkout. With a little work up front you can now preload your address book and then select multiple gifts and send them to multiple people all in one order.

For faster checkout preload your addresses book prior to starting to shop. 

Pre load your addresses via spreadsheet template (Do this prior to creating orders)

  1. Login or create your account CLICK HERE
  2. Download the blank excel.  DOWNLOAD
  3. Save file as CSV
  4. Go to your account page with following link or use the icon in top menu.
  5. Click address book on left menu
  6. Click grey IMPORT button
  7. Choose your file and upload.

Congratulations you have created your address book. You can manually edit or create new addresses at anytime.

We encourage all customers to add addresses prior to starting the order process.

How to checkout and use your address book

  1. Shop and place your favorite items in your cart
  2. At checkout look for the "Checkout Using Address Book" option below the checkout button
  3. You will now see your address book will populate the send to addresses.
  4. If you have selected the same gift for all you can click the "Ship to additional addresses" to select more addresses. Or "Distribute to all addresses" to send the same gift to everyone in your address book.