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Ohio natives, Brownies were a side gig for the teacher and insurance executive until orders for their fudgy, inventive Brownies soared. Brownie Points started in an apartment kitchen; baking brownies by night, teaching by day. One Lisa convinced the other Lisa to join her on this wild but delicious Brownie adventure. The company moved from Cleveland to Columbus (after selling and buying back the business). Sisters-in-law, with a lot of grit, inspiration, resilience and chocolate (and every last bit of savings), Brownie Points now has two production facilities and a staff of over 40 of the most incredible bakers, which are at the soul of this family business.

Every Batch Baked from Scratch 

We use the finest and freshest real ingredients. It's true, we are completely obsessed with Brownies and are always inventing new ways to Brownie; BrowniEmojis, Boozy Brownies, Brownie Bites, Bruffles, Brownie Edgies and more.

Brownie Points bakes millions of Brownies and delivers deliciously gorgeous gifts all over the country. Brownie Points has been featured everywhere from the Today Show to Good Morning America to the Food Network to Rachael Ray. You can also find our Brownies on Goldbelly, Neiman Marcus and Sur la Table to name a few. 

We also love doing collaborations and have worked with start-ups to established brands. Almost Tea, Caffe Panna and J-Pops with many more in the works. 

We Bake the Most Brownie Flavors on Earth

It's true, we've checked! We have our best-sellers all the time and we launch nearly 100 new flavors every year on a limited batch basis. We use intentional, diverse and fun ingredients from Ube to Guava, Biscotti to Waffle Cones, Cayenne to Poppy Seeds. No matter how many flavors we create, both Lisa’s favorite flavor remains the same, Original Kitchen Sink.  

Brownies make people happy. And that makes us happy.

Lisa & Lisa

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